Getting Credit for Previous OTA Work


Credit for Previous Courses/Work Experience

General Process:

The college has a process for giving credit for previous coursework and/or work experience and the explanation of how the program ensures that the student has met the content requirements for the relevant OTA Standards (e.g., CLEP/Dantes, course transfer policy, articulation agreements, review of syllabi) is in the 2014-16 college catalog (pages 14-18). 

The OTA Admissions Checklist contains a list of necessary pre-requisite courses and activities.   Timeframes are published for any coursework which KVCC has deemed time sensitive.  The program of study is available on the OTA website and is also provided to students as part of the mandatory OTA Information Session.

OTA Process:

Any student who has attended an OT/OTA program within the last 2 years may apply to the OTA program and request to transfer relevant OT courses. The student must contact the OTA Program Director and request this during the admissions process. The student must have attended an ACOTE accredited program and must demonstrate evidence that they have earned a “C” or better in any OT course they desire to transfer. The review process is on a case by case basis.

The OTA Program Director:

  1. Requests transcripts and syllabi (for each course the student would like to transfer);
  2. Reviews the student’s transcript and reviews each syllabus for content and objectives;
  3. Determines that course(s) to be transferred meets content requirements/objectives equal to content requirements/objectives for KVCC OTA course syllabus;
  4. Determines that the course(s) requested for transfer will meet the learning outcomes of the OTA program, as guided by the curriculum/program of study.
  5. Ensures that the student will be able to meet the expected graduation objectives in a seamless fashion and that no information will be lost in the integration process.
  6. Collaborates with the registrar to evaluate the final determination to assure this meets the OTA program standards and the KVCC process for awarding credit for coursework. 
  7. Communicates with the Assistant Dean of Enrollment Services and the Registrar on a regular basis, in particular, if there is a question regarding content substantiation.

Any Fieldwork Level I course will be accepted equal to a KVCC Fieldwork Level I course. KVCC requires 3 varied Level I Fieldwork courses.

Students may be required to attend (audit) the KVCC OTA lecture/lab if the Program Director determines that they need to integrate this information to move forward within the program.




 Program Contact

Julie Larouche, OTD, OTR/L
OTA Program Director
(207) 453-5023


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