Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Demographics

Demographics of the OTA Program (2010-2012)

KVCC is located in central Maine approximately one hour from Portland, one hour from Bangor, one hour from the coast, and one hour from the mountains. The population of Maine is approximately 1,328,361, up from 1,274,923 a decade ago 1,274,923 (Maine 2010 Census). Central Maine is rural and has little ethnic and economic diversity. The population of Fairfield is 6572. The racial makeup of the town is 97.92% White; 30% of the population is Hispanic or Latino of any race. The KVCC general student population reflects these statistics.

KVCC has the only Occupational Therapy Assistant Program in Maine. The OTA students come from all walks of life and from all over the state of Maine. We are a mirror of the “typical” Mainer. Although we have little ethnic diversity in our program there is great variety in age, lifestyle, experience, academic preparation and in individual perceptions. This multiplicity has been a great strength for our program over time.

As in many OT/OTA programs across the country, the majority of our students are women (typically 85-90%). There are a substantial number of non- traditional students in our program; more than half are over the age of 25. It is typical for students to have young families, be caregivers and to work (to some degree) for, at least the first year, while in the program.

Class of 2010-Newly enrolled 26 (Fall 2008); 5 returning students. Spring 2009 the class of 2010 had 21 students; 3 were men; Approximately: one quarter of the class was 25 years old and under; one quarter of the class was 40 years plus; the majority of this class was 30-40 years old. Twelve students graduated in 2010.

Class of 2011- Newly enrolled 25 (Fall 2009); 5 returning students. Spring 2010 twenty eight students enrolled. Fall, 2010 twenty eight were enrolled. Approximately one third of the class is 25 years old and under; one third is between the ages of 26-40 and one third is 41 and over. Twenty three are scheduled for graduation. (3/2011)

Class of 2012- Newly Enrolled 24 (Fall 2010); 2 returning students; 6 men and 20 women. Approximately half the class is 31 y/o and younger; half of the class is 40 y/o and older. Spring 2011 nineteen students are enrolled and scheduled for FW I this summer.


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