Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Advisory Board

Occupational Therapy Assistant Advisory Board


Purpose and Action

The general purpose of the Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Advisory Board is to advise the Occupational Therapy Assistant program.  The members do this by sharing their pertinent expertise and unique practice perspectives at Advisory Board meetings and when called upon.  This process assures growth and development of the OTA program which is congruent with current best practice. 

The members assess state and community OT service and review current status of OT service delivery in various practice environments.  The members provide insightful guidance to the program through regular participation in AY meetings.   The Board helps the OTA Faculty to: assess program strengths, weaknesses and needs, formulate recommendations and advises faculty regarding necessary program revisions.  The Board evaluates program processes (summative and cumulative evaluation) of academics, students and FW for program development and ACOTE compliance.  They collectively review outcomes, assist in planning, developing and reviewing new ventures, and promote the role of the Occupational Therapy Assistant and the OTA program in the community. 




Roster for 2015-2016 ADVISORY BOARD




Michelle McVay COTA/L (2008)                                          Kathryn Adams OTL, ATP

Community Mental Health                                                Assistive Technology


Polly Keniston BA, COTA/L (2015)                                      Amy Arms OTR/L

Brain Injury                                                                      Public Education/Schools/Pediatrics                                     


Scott Seekins, COTA/L, MHRT/C (2008)                             Kellie J. Huard MS, OTR/L

Mental Health                                                                  Inpt/Outpt Rehab/Orthopedics


Theresa A. Desjardins, COTA/L (2014)                                 Alice VanDerwerken MS, OT/L, CHT

Physical Rehab and Sports Medicine                                     Outpatient Hospital-Hand Therapy


Jackie Sniadecki, COTA/L (2006)                                          Erin Bennett Wade, OTR/L

SNF                                                                                     Public Education Pre-K-12



Betsy Priest MS. Ed, RT (R) (MR)                                        Diane Sauter-Davis MA, OTR/ FAOTA

Allied Health Department Chair                                        Radiologic Technology PD


Jon Connolly Ph.D.                                                                 Julie Larouche MS OTR/L

Vice President/Academic Dean

Kennebec Valley Community College


Public Member                                                            

Pam Erskine, DSP  IDD



KVCC Adjunct Faculty 

Mary Miller COTA/L                                                            Jackie Wolinski COTA/L (2013)                      

Pediatrics                                                                          Veterans


Emily Moores COTA/L (2006)                                             Craig Ashford COTA/L (2015)

SNF                                                                                  Pediatrics/SNF


Rachel M. Weymouth OTR/L

Brain Injury



 Program Contact

Diane Sauter-Davis MA, OTR/L FAOTA
OTA Program Director
(207) 453-5172

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