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Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment is a term used to describe the process of evaluating previous learning experiences (credit courses, trainings, work experience, etc.) in order to award college credit within the program.  There are numerous ways in which this is done depending on the type of prior learning experiences you have had.  

This page will only deal with the courses specific to the Mental Health program, Prior Learning Assessment evaluation for General Education courses are discussed elsewhere.


FAQs regarding PLA in the Mental Health Program


When you enter the Mental Health Program you will be required to take MHT 101: Mental Health Seminar.
Part of the class content for MHT 101 is a discussion and review of your eligibility for PLA.

Can I transfer classes from other colleges into KVCC?

Yes, you can.  In the Admissions Process you will be asked to have each of your schools submit an official transcript to KVCC so that we can evaluate transfer credit.  There is no limit to the number of courses you can transfer to KVCC as long as you meet the 25% residency requirement listed below.

What if the classes are not quite the same?

Different schools appraoch the naming and organization of their courses differently.  If you feel that a course you took someplace else is essentially the same as one here at KVCC you can petition and evaluation of that course for credit.  You will need to contact the Program Coordinator or Director, or Department Chair of your program to begin this process.

How many classes do I have to take at KVCC in order to graduate?

In the lingo of higher education, this is called the "Residency Requirement".  In order for KVCC to confer upon you a degree, you need to complete at least 25% of your coursework at KVCC.

What if I received non-credit training for my MHRT/C?  Do those count?

When courses are taken at the College level for credit there are numerous entities that monitor the quality of the delivery of the content and the credentials of the instructor.  This is not always the case when it comes to training.  However, KVCC recognizes that the MHRT/C trainings that occur in agencies or training facilities are viewed by the state as equivalent to credit courses when submitting documentation for your MHRT/C.

If you have any number of trainings toward your MHRT/C you can petition the Program Coordinator or Department Chair to waive up to four (4) of the ten (10) MHT designated courses in the program. 

I have work experience that is very relevant to the courses in this program.  Can I get credit for the learning I got while working?

It is possible that you could get some college credit for things you have learned on the job.  You will need to talk to the Program Coordinator or Department Chair about the procedure you need to follow and the documentation of learning you would need to present.


At this time the Maine Community College System and the University of Maine System are evaluating the process of Prior Learning Assessment.  These rules and procedures can change without notice.  We will make best effort to inform students of their eligibiity for PLA as much as possible.  Work closely with your advisor and/or Program Coordinator on any of this.



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