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Massage Therapy Certificate Program

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Massage therapy is the scientific or skillful manipulation of soft tissue for therapeutic or remedial purposes, specifically for improving muscle tone, circulation, promoting health, and physical well-being. Massage therapists employ techniques that affect the soft tissues of the body including skin, muscle, fascia, and tendons keeping them healthy and enhancing recovery from injury. Massage induces relaxation response, reducing stress related disease. Students will study anatomy, physiology, myology, and pathology as they relate to the massage therapy client.

Students will complete performance competencies for various forms of massage and manual therapies. Upon completion of the program, graduates will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to offer therapeutic massage as an adjunct to health care practices and wellness lifestyles. The program is structured to be completed in two semesters with an emphasis on supervised practice of various hands-on techniques.



Applicants to certain programs should be aware that a criminal background check may be required while they are enrolled in the program or as a condition of employment in the field; that certain internship and/or practicum sites, such as health care facilities, may limit or deny clinical privileges to those who have a prior or current criminal record; and that certain licensing boards may refuse to issue a license to practice based upon prior or current criminal offense(s). To learn more about whether the program or profession you are interested in has such requirements or limitations, please see the department chair.



The mission of the Massage Therapy Program is to prepare graduates with skills to perform as entry-level massage therapists. Because of the nature of the profession, the curriculum integrates professional and ethical behavior as an essential component of massage therapy work. Since many massage therapists work independently, an introduction to sound business practices will be taught and practiced within the program.


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