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To install Office 2010 for Students, you can either use the picture-rich slideshow presentation on the right, or, if you prefer, you can follow the text-only directions below.


Installing Office 2010 Student


Office 2010 | Installing


  1. For most systems, when you insert the Office disk you will be prompted to "Run SETUP.EXE"  If for some reason this doesn't happen on your machine, find the proper drive in your "My Computer" folder.
  2. Setup will begin loading files for installation.
  3. The next screen that appears will prompt you for your Product Key... but first we need to obtain it.
  4. At this point you'll need to go to and enter in your PIN number, and begin the process of obtaining your Product Key.
  5. In order to obtain your Product Key you will need to either Sign in with, or Create a account. 
  6. Once you're logged in with your Live account, you can "Get Verified through my School."
  7. Once you start typing "Kennebec Valley Community College" in the form that appears, it should automatically complete our name.  Click Continue.
  8. As the next-to-last step in verifying your copy of Office, you'll need to enter (twice) your KVCC email address, which proves that you're a KVCC student!
  9. After you enter your KVCC email into the Office Verification website, it will send you an email confirmation.  Log into the KVCC webmail to retrieve your email verification.
  10. Find the verification email in your inbox.  The very last step in obtaining your Product Key is to click on, or copy/paste the web address in the email where it says "Navigate to:" into your browser.  That will provide your Product Key.
  11. The page should load and say "Receive your Product Key" and halfway down the page you should see your product key.  You do NOT need to click on "Download Now" to install Office, unless you have lost your disk

    NOTE: You should write this key down on the card that had your PIN number on it.  Also, you should copy it to your clipboard so you can paste it in the Office Installer.

  12. After you've entered your product key into Office 2010 Installer, you will be prompted to either A) Install or B) Upgrade.  Also, you can customize you installation if you so desire.  You can either Install or Upgrade, whichever choice you're given.
  13. You have successfully installed Microsoft Office 2010 Student/University edition!

    NOTE: The first time you run one of the programs, (Word, Excel, etc), you'll be prompted to activate.


If you have any difficulty installing Office, the IT Department here at KVCC can help guide you through the process.  However, for reasons of liability, we are not able to make direct changes to your computer.


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