Academic Departments

Academic Departments


The College has seven academic departments, each directed by a Department Chairperson, who is a full-time faculty member responsible for the programs in that department.  Chairpersons report to the Academic Dean of the College.

All academic programs fall under one of these departments.


Allied Health

Dept Chair:  Betsy Priest
(207) 453-5143
King Hall, Rm 108B 



Dept Chair: Stephen Duren
(207) 453-3522
Averill Hall, Rm 134 



Dept Chair:  Marcia Parker
(207) 453-5167
King Hall, Rm 119 


Trades & Technology

Dept Chair:  Greg Fletcher
(207) 453-5115
Whitney Wing, Rm 111


Dept Chair:  Marge York
(207) 453-5104
Carter Hall, Rm 305 


Math & Science

Dept Chair:  Kathryn Englehart
(207) 453-5192
 KVCC Annex, Rm 103 

Social Sciences

Dept Chair:  Mark Kavanaugh
(207) 453-5189
Carter Hall, Rm 306