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#Adventures in Adulting


No cost college and life skills workshops for KVCC students

Learn strategies and develop skills to succeed!


January 3, 2019- January 17, 2019


Workshops, lunch, and childcare made possible by the KVCC Foundation Maine Adult Promise Student Parent Initiative


Please complete the online registration form to reserve your spot: Registration Form

Childcare is available for children ages 1-8 on a first-come first-served basis with advanced reservation indicated on the workshop registration form

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Workshop Descriptions:


Budgeting Basics:

Learn the basic components for building a budget. We will discuss money tracking, goal setting, and how having a sense of your overall financial situation can assist you in the process of building a budget. This workshop is one of three which qualifies participants for a $50 savings account start-up deposit. 

Facilitated by: Sherrie Brann, Workforce Specialist, New Ventures Maine


Budget and Time Friendly Meal Ideas:

Develop time-saving budget-friendly strategies to plan, shop, and prepare healthy foods for your family. Participants will make and share lunch and will receive a free crock-pot to take home! Facilitated by: Benjamin Ramsdell, MaineGeneral Health Prevention & Healthy Living


Build and Enhance Your Credit:

Learn helpful strategies for building and enhancing your credit and tips for establishing a savings account and banking relationship. This workshop is one of three which qualifies participants for a $50 savings account start-up deposit. 

Facilitated by: Nancy Smith, Camden National Bank


Building Confidence:

This session will provide participants with practical ways to assess your confidence and learn concrete tools to help you build your confidence and keep it strong.  Facilitated by: Sherrie Brann, Workforce Specialist, New Ventures Maine


Clean Up Your Credit:

Learn how to reduce your debt, improve your credit, and maintain a good credit score. Create your own step-by-step plan to pay down your debt. This workshop is one of three which qualifies participants for a $50 savings account start-up deposit.

Facilitated by: Sherrie Brann, Workforce Specialist, New Ventures Maine


College Ready in the New Year:

Learn tips to prepare you for the new year, and the next academic year. Financial aid, scholarships, tax credits, and financial wellness tips will be discussed. Follow up information will be available in February for those that want to learn more after this workshop. Facilitated by Teri Mann, Maine Educational Opportunity Center


Employment Interview Skills:

Are YOU ready to tell an employer why they should hire you and not someone else? Gain the confidence needed to the ace that interview and get the job! Go in thoroughly prepared and positive you are the applicant the employer needs! Interviewing Skills & Techniques Workshop covers communication techniques, before-the-interview research, attitude and appearance, examples of questions you may be asked, what you can ask the employer, post interview follow-up, and more. Discuss all the "DO'S and DON'TS" and what to expect of the process. Facilitated by: Mike Shirley and Lisa Woods, Maine CareerCenter



Everyone can be a leader whether at work, home, or the community.  Join us to find out what leadership skills you already possess and learn tools and tips to become a more confident leader. Facilitated by: Linda Davis, Mid Maine Regional Adult Communtiy Education


Making It Happen: Turning Procrastination into Productivity

We will look at the reasons behind procrastination and offer tools and tips to help students manage their time and be more productive while balancing other roles and responsibilities. Facilitated by: Sherrie Brann, Workforce Specialist, New Ventures Maine


Resume and Cover Letter Writing:

Learn why having a great resume is so important in today's job market. This workshop provides valuable tips on resume content and formatting, completing job applications, the importance of cover letters, resume writing software programs and much, much more. A well written resume can get your foot in the door, and the interview - the next step to employment. Facilitated by: Margo Hanlon, Maine CareerCenter


Tech Tools for Student Success

This interactive session will introduce participants to several easy-to-use apps that will revolutionize the way you take notes and write papers. Facilitated by KVCC TRiO





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