Kindness Changes the World One Heart at a Time

Kennebec Valley Community College Foundation Celebrates Kindness


The impact of giving kindness is both personal and far reaching. Whether for a student, a faculty or staff member, or a member of our community, every act of kindness strengthens our community. In whatever way you choose to embrace the KVCC Foundation's commitment to inspiring dreams and changing lives, know that each act of kindness makes a difference!


Kindness Matters


4 Ideas to Celebrate Kindness


thank you for kindness


Play Kindness Tag

Tag a friend on Facebook and thank them for something as simple as a warm smile or as big as a letter of recommendation. Compliment a friend on their success or for a great recipe they shared with you.




Be Kind to Yourself

Stop and smell the roses, pick up a bouquet of flowers for yourself, take a bubble bath, read a few extra pages of your book, pause to tell  yourself that you are beautiful, important, and valued.


make a kindness call


Make a Kindness Call

 A genuine phone call with someone you haven’t seen in a while can really go a long way in putting a smile on both of your faces. Skip the text today and make the call.





Give Kindness

Donate to a scholarship fund or food drive, pay for someone's coffee, open a door for someone and tell them to have a lovely day.




Did you know that KVCC students celebrate Kindness everyday?


KVCC students have: 





Participated in a two-day hunger dialogue conference at UMaine to learn student and community engagement strategies in the fight against hunger AND set up a peanut butter and jelly bar for students in need AND initiated plans for a campus community food cupboard.







Planned a "Pass the Kindness Day"  to encourage the campus community to perform random acts of kindness and are hoping for media coverage to help pass the kindness. They are also selling Pass the Kindness shirts and travel mugs as a fundraiser to support a student leadership conference trip and the KVCC peanut butter and jelly bar. Contact Christy Johnson for more information.









Provided a free coffee and pastry break for students, faculty, and students to thank the campus community for their support of TRiO programs throughout the year.








The Kennebec Valley Community College Foundation has joined #GivingTuesday™, a national effort that will harness the collective power of a unique blend of partners—charities, families, businesses and individuals—to transform how people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season.


The success of 

GivingTuesday depends on people everywhere playing their part.


But what really matters to KVCC students is YOU!


Join the forward thinking movement by making a gift to the KVCC Foundation;

an investment in OUR future.



Jessica Abrams KVCC Nursing Class of 2014

"During my treatments, I received exceptional and compassionate care from my nurses. When caring for someone who is very sick, kindness matters. I want to give back in any way that I can. Providing care as a nurse is a dream of mine because I find a lot of joy in helping others and I feel a responsibility to give back to my community.

Jessica Abrams Nursing

Earl Smith Book Fund Scholarship Recipient


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