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The Kennebec Valley Community College Foundation manages more than 30 scholarship funds and awards more than 200 scholarships to students each year. Each scholarship was founded by generous supporters who value the high quality education available at KVCC. Through donor generosity, student scholarships help to reduce the financial burden of attending college, allowing recipients to better focus on academic and career goals. To apply for a KVCC Foundation Scholarship, please complete the KVCC Foundation Scholarship Application and submit to the KVCC Financial Aid Office.


As a recipient of a KVCC Foundation Scholarship, it is important to take the time to thank the scholarship donor(s) for their support. Receiving a thank-you letter allows donors to realize the impact their scholarship gift has in helping a deserving student realize his/her potential.

Every KVCC Foundation scholarship recipient must complete a personally signed scholarship thank you letter which will be sent to the scholarship donor by the KVCC Foundation. Please take the time to create a unique and meaningful letter, your time and effort will be appreciated.

Information on how to complete your letter is available here

Guide to Writing a Scholarship Thank You Letter


Students must also complete and return a Consent to Release Information Form with their thank you letter.


This form lets the Foundation staff know how your letter may be used. All scholarship recipients must consent to release their letter to the scholarship donor(s) in order to receive the scholarship funds. It is up to each student's personal discretion to allow the Foundation to use their letter, or excerpt of, in print, digital, and other forms of media.


The Consent to Release Information Form is available here:

Consent to Release Form


 Once you have written your scholarship thank you letter:


Please remember to proof read, spell-check, and sign your letter. Both the signed thank you letter and the Consent to Release From should be sent to the KVCC Foundation  92 Western Ave Fairfield ME 04937.


Please note that in order to be accepted, your thank you must be proof-read, signed, and received in business letter format along with your signed 

Consent to Release Form.


You may also deliver you letter and Consent Form to the Carter Hall Room 306 or sign and scan your forms and submit via email: foundation@kvcc.me.edu






"If it weren’t for KVCC Foundation donors, I wouldn’t be able to follow my dreams… My course of study is Biological Sciences, and I find it fascinating and daunting at times but I feel that most things in life worth having will test your resolve...With help from the KVCC Foundation I hope to achieve my goal of becoming a doctor and helping people. Thank you for your support."

Andrew Roach ‘12    Biological Sciences


KVCC Foundation Scholarship Recipients


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