Bookstore Vouchers

College Store Book Vouchers


If you have financial aid over and above the amount needed to pay your tuition and fees, you can “charge” books at the KVCC College Store up to the surplus amount. 

However, you must fill out and sign a Student Financial Aid Authorization Form (which is sent to you in the same mailing as your award letter) to give permission for your books to be charged against your surplus financial aid. (Copies of this form are also available in the Enrollment Services Center.)

The amount of surplus aid you have available is sent to the College Store in advance of the start of the semester, so you do not need to stop at the Enrollment Services Center to pick up a book voucher unless your award is made very close to the start of the semester.

The College Store will post a date on which you can pick up your “charged” books (although you can pre-order them before that point).  Usually, the date is about two weeks before the start of the term.  Please bring a copy of your course listing (schedule) with you so that the staff can provide you with the correct books needed for your courses.  A certain amount of supplies can also be “charged” against your financial aid.  For more information, please contact