SALT Financial Education Resource

SALT Loan Assistance and Financial Education Program


$ALT is a free, non-profit backed resource to assist students to take control of their finances and student loans. KVCC has teamed up with $ALT to offer its services (which include help with student loan procedures, budgeting, job search lists; information on preparing a resume, on identity theft, on building credit; advice on letters of recommendation, etc). Students, activate your free membership from Kennebec Valley Community College today!

Sign up now to:

  • Track and plan your student loans
  • Get personalized guidance about tricky loan stuff
  • Find scholarships, internships, and jobs
  • Gain know-how that empowers you to be money smart


The SALT website has what you need to help you become more money savvy; with articles, videos, lessons, calculators, a "Just Ask SALT" feature, and more!  And when it comes to student loans, $ALT is on your side to help you successfully manage your loans and repayment.

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