Propane/Natural Gas

Upcoming Courses:

Sept. 23, 25, 30 & Oct. 1
(Tuesday & Thursday for 2 weeks) 5-9pm
Exam Date:  following course segment  
Cost:  $385
Exam Dates: following course segment
Cost:  $1,680 
Oct. 8, 14, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29 & Nov. 3 
(Monday & Wednesday for 5 weeks) 5-9pm
Exam Date:  following course segment
Cost:  $640 
Sept. 15, 17, 22, 24 (Monday & Wednesday) 5-9pm
Exam Date:  following course segment
Cost:  $385
Exam Date:  following course segment
Cost:  $1,280

The Propane and Natural Gas courses at KVCC are desigend to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to pursue licensure and certification as Propane & Natural Gas Technicians.  KVCC has incorporated the National Propane Gas Association's Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) into its Propane & Natural Gas curriculum.  Successful completion of the required courses and exams will help students achieve the State of Maine Propane & Natural Gas Technician license in the following authorities: Appliance Connection and Service, Large Equipment Connection and Service, Delivery Technician, and Tank Setter & Outside Piping.  Additional eligibility requirements for CETP certification do apply and are not available through KVCC.  Please visit the State of Maine's Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation for more information on comprehensive license requirements.