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Maine Solid Fuel Exam Preparation Course


KVCC's Energy Services Center, Fairfield

Cost: $480


This three (3) week course is designed for professionals who have a strong background in heating, engineering, or architecture who want to expand their knowledge of centralized solid fuel heating systems and/or prepare to take the Maine State Journeyman or Master Solid Fuel Technician Exam.  Eligibility requirements for the State examinations and licenses can be found at:


 The Maine Solid Fuel Exam Preparation course will prepare professionals with an overview of the codes, general knowledge, equipment, and fuel for various centralized solid fuel heating systems on the market today.  Also, this class offers hands-on training for installing a solid fuel system based on the NFPA 90B, NFPA 211, and the Maine Fuel Board laws and rules for installing solid fuel systems in the State of Maine.  This course is highly recommended if you plan on installing solid fuel systems in the future!

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