Electrical Lineworker Technology

Electrical Lineworker Technology




The Electrical Lineworker Technology program is a one (1) year certificate program. The program will provide students with the technical background and the manual skills necessary for careers in the installation and maintenance of electrical power, telephone, and cable television systems. Safety, pole climbing, and teamwork are emphasized throughout the program while the student learns and performs overhead and underground construction.

Students will be exposed to such curriculum topics as AC/DC electrical theory, field training, occupational safety, line construction theory, tree trimming and line clearance, rigging, transformers, basic telecommunications, and utility metering. Approximately two-thirds of the program will be devoted to strenuous hands-on skills, allowing students to develop a high degree of proficiency in the use of electrical lineworking equipment and procedures.

Students are required to have a valid driver’s license and to have successfully completed a CDL preparation course. Climbing gear and all necessary tools for the field portion of the program are also required; the climbing gear and tools range in price from $1,200 to $1,400. In addition, students are required to have lineworker safety toe boots with steel shanks; these boots range from $200 to $300.


The Electrical Lineworker Technology Program strives to maintain a high academic standard for teaching and learning lineworker technology through a continuous process of self-assessment and improvement. Students are exposed to a learning environment that is safe and supportive of student growth and achievement. Using modern training equipment, innovative training methods and highly trained faculty members, the ELT program endeavors to fully prepare students for a variety of line occupations.


Upon successful completion of the Electrical Lineworker Technology program, the graduate is expected to:

  1. Practice the electrical and telecommunications skills of the profession in a conscientious, responsible, and accountable manner while recognizing the need to continue to expand their technical knowledge and skills.
  2. Safely climb poles and operate line bucket trucks and pole setting equipment when performing overhead line construction.
  3. Safety, teamwork and critical thinking use the acquired analytical skills to solve problems encountered in a residential, commercial, or industrial field situation.



Electrical Lineworker Technology is a fast growing field in which career opportunities will continue to expand in the future. Areas of employment for graduates are numerous, and include:
Power Companies                               Telephone Companies
Cable Television Companies                Line Construction Contractors


Students must complete 34 credits in the Electrical Lineworker Technology program and achieve a minimum grade of "C" in all core courses (*). Students must attain a final GPA of 2.0 or higher.


 ELW150*Lineworker Training I11
 ETL109*Direct Current Theory3
 MAT114Technical Math3
 ELW160*Lineworker Training II11
 ENG 108Technical Writing3
 ETL110*Alternating Current Theory3

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 Program Contact

Eric Willett
(207) 453-5812

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