Autism Spectrum Disorders Program Outcomes

Autism Spectrum Disorders Program Outcomes


Upon completion of the Autism Spectrum Disorders Studies degree the graduate is prepared to:


  • Demonstrate professional and ethical behaviors with children and colleagues in educational settings grounded in the history, ethics and generally accepted ongoing evolution of the field of autism spectrum disorder studies.


  • Articulate in writing a philosophy of working with individuals with an autism spectrum disorder.


  • Demonstrate knowledge and skill in using a variety of approaches to work with individuals with autism spectrum disorders which best matches their learning style and approach to growth and development in multiple life areas.


  • Demonstrate their skill in adapting methods of teaching to respond to individuals with ASD.


  • Collaborate with other team members in planning for, implementing plans, and evaluating success with individuals with ASD.


  • Identify community resources to support their work with individual with ASD.


  • Support families of individuals with ASD through education, resources, and planning.


Why these outcomes are important to know


  • We urge you to join this degree program at KVCC!  This is the only site in Maine to get these classes!


  • Maybe you are a parent or grandparent of a child on the spectrum.  Maybe your job has you working with children on the spectrum.  Maybe you are interested in getting into this type of work.


  • For all of you the courses included in this degree will help prepare you for this work.


  • The outcomes listed above can give you an idea of the many topics and skills built into this degree option. 


  • If you have other questions please feel free to contact us!