Tuition & Fees

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Academic Year 2014-2015



Maine Resident...................................... $90 per credit hour
Non-Resident......................................... $180 per credit hour
NERSP ("Apple" Program) Participants....... $135 per credit hour



$20.00 (non-refundable)
Required with the application for admission
Comprehensive Fee 10% of course tuition
Activity $3 Per credit hour
Parking $25 For First Vehicle / $1 each additional vehicle per year
Student Health Insurance


Student health insurance is required for any student enrolled in 9 credit hours or more and for any student enrolled in the Electrical Lineworker, Precision Machining Technology, Nursing, or any Allied Health Program. Waivers may be granted if proof of alternate coverage is provided. (Subject to change). 

Additional Risk Insurance


For Electrical Lineworker, Precision Machining Technology, and Energy Services Technology.

Student Liability Insurance


For Allied Health, Nursing and Speech/Language Students

Experiential Liability Insurance


For Off-Campus experiential courses

Graduation Fee

$75 Per Degree

Instructional Fees

First Year Fee


Required for New Students; supports first year events & planning

Evaluation of Life Experience

$30 Per credit hour

Challenge Examination

50% of course tuition in advance (non-refundable)

Technical Course Fee

20% of course tuition

Non-Technical Course Fee

10% of course tuition

Course Audit

1/3 (one-third) of course tuition & all fees

$ 3 Per Transcript
$10 / 1 to 3 days / faxed
Textbooks / Materials

Estimate: $400-$900 per academic year, depending on program

Tools & Equipment


$200 - $300 for Applied Electronics and Computer Technology Program

$1200 - $1500 for Electrical Lineworker Technology Program

$300 - $600 for Electrical Technlogy Program

$1600 - $1800 for Precision Machining Technology Program

These items are purchased directly by students through third party vendors.  These purchases are on a cash basis only and financial aid cannot be available for these purchases

Late Fee

$25 per semester

Payment Plan Fee

$25 per semester

Testing Fees

Accuplacer Testing

$20 per test, payment due in advance

TEAS-V Testing

$40 per test, payment due in advance


         $41 per test, payment due in advance