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Explore the possibilities for a new and rewarding career in Allied Health. Kennebec Valley Community College has many unique and exciting programs in Allied Health. Start today, the path to your success. If you are interested in a program contact the Program Director for more information.


Applicants to certain programs should be aware that a criminal background check will be required while they are enrolled in the program or as a condition of employment in the field. Certain internship and/or practicum sites, such as health care facilities, may limit or deny clinical privileges to those who have a prior or current criminal record; and certain licensing boards may refuse to issue a license to practice based upon prior or current criminal offense(s). To learn more about whether the program or profession in which you are interested has such requirements or limitations, please see the Department Chair or Program Director.

Applicants who consider a career in nursing or any other of the allied health professions should be aware that during the course of their education and subsequent employment, they will be working in situations where exposure to infectious diseases is probable. This is an occupational risk for all health care workers. Persons should not become health care workers unless they recognize and accept this risk. Proper education and strict adherence to well-established infection control guidelines, however, can reduce the risk to a minimum. Thorough education in infection control procedures is an integral part of each health care program.

Additionally, applicants should be aware that exposure to natural rubber latex (NRL ) is likely. Individuals exposed to NRL products may develop allergic reactions such as skin rashes; hives; nasal, eyes, or sinus symptoms; and, rarely, shock.
Students may be scheduled for day, evening, and night clinical experiences in some health programs. It is expected that the student is able to make the necessary arrangements in order to complete all scheduled rotations. Clinical placement is state-wide. The student is responsible for all travel and/or living expenses related to clinicals.


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