Unemployed? Here are some resources to help you find your way!

Are you unemployed and considering upgrading your skills?

KVCC is your pathway to success in three easy steps!

Step 1: Decide if you want to earn an associates degree or earn a professional crediential. Call our admissions team at 207-453-5035 or e-mail mailto:jbourgoin@kvcc.me.eduand we will help you decide what is right for you today!

Step 2: Find the resouces to pay for your education. Most stuents, especially unemployed students, discover that most or all of their education can be paid for by Federal or State programs. Some programs even provide money to pay living expenses! Call our admissions team at 207-453-5035 or check some of these links below:

Financial Aid

Pell Grants


VA/GI Bill

State of Maine Dept of Labor

Contact KVCC admissions for more information on finding and applying for these and many other bennefits.

Step 3: Start attending classes! KVCC has a wide variety of students support services to ensure that you will make it through your chosen program.