Transferring to KVCC

Transferring to KVCC



If you are transferring to KVCC from another institution, consider the following:

  1. When completing your FAFSA, be sure to list KVCC. Our school code is 009826.
  2. If you have completed placement tests, such as the Accuplacer, at another institution, have your scores forwarded to KVCC.
  3. After you have been accepted for admission to KVCC, your college transcripts will be evaluated for transfer credit depending on the requirements of your program of study (credits accepted for transfer will appear as a grade of TR in your student portal indicating the specific courses that have been transferred to KVCC).


Questions about transfer credits should be addressed to the Academic Affairs Office at

Transferring to KVCC

Our staff have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to transferring to KVCC and appear below:

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