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Choosing a Major

Choosing the right major starts with gathering information about yourself.  Once you have identified your areas of interest, you can look for careers that complement who you are.  On this website, you can get started by following three easy steps.

  1. Get to know yourself better by taking this very simple Interest Assessment.
  2. Read the descriptions on the left side, and choose one of the 6 interest areas (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional) that best matches who you are.
  3. After you find your interest area, look at the possible KVCC majors listed next to it on the righthand side.  Clicking them will take you to the program page where you will find the information to decide if that is the KVCC Major for you.



Realistic People: 

  • Like to build and create things
  • Are practical
  • Are "Doers"
  • Like to create things with their hands
  • Dislike radical ideas
  • Prefer physical activity


KVCC Majors for Realistic People:


Investigative People:

  • Try to understand the physical world
  • Like to solve math problems
  • Value originality and creativeness
  • Like math and/or science


KVCC Majors for Investigative People:


 Artistic People:

  • Are comfortable with their emotions
  • Like to create things
  • Dislike structure
  • Value spontaneity
  • Have a need for self-expression


KVCC Majors for Artistic People:


Social People:

  • Like attention
  • Like helping others
  • Express themselves well
  • Get along well with peers
  • Like to be a leader
  • Are responsible, social, & popular


KVCC Majors for Social People:


Enterprising People:

  • Are good with words
  • Like leadership roles
  • Value material wealth
  • Are self-confident
  • Like to persuade others
  • Are enthusiastic and energetic


KVCC Majors for Enterprising People:


Conventional People:

  • Have self-control
  • Are stable and dependable
  • Prefer structure and organization
  • Don't mind rules
  • Know right from wrong
  • Don't seek leadership roles


KVCC Majors for Conventional People:



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